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At Perennial Estates, we help those who are wanting to start a new or grow an existing, property portfolio by offering low-risk, high-return, fully-managed investments with built-in exit strategies.

Meet The Owners
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Robert Horwood Director

Rob began his career in the hospitality industry gaining experience from around the world working for corporate hoteliers for 25 years before moving into the property investment sector.

After 10 years forging a successful career in property investment Rob has come back to his first love, but with a twist by combining his in-depth knowledge of both the hospitality industry and property investments and forming Perennial Estates.

Perennial Estates takes a two-pronged approach to the business of running a successful hotel providing guests with an unparalleled hotel experience as well as offering investment opportunities through hotel room investments which deliver above market-rate returns.

Gary Street Director

Gareth Street has spent his career in marketing, with a focus on social media, building and promoting brands as well as building a successful property investment business.

With his in-depth knowledge of competitive benchmarking, segmentation and influencer marketing to promote products, services and brands across social media channels, Gareth’s expertise is invaluable to Perennial Estates, leading the way forward in creating a buzz around hotel projects and building them into successful and profitable ventures for all concerned.

Why Hotel Rooms As Investment Property?

The major investment types are cash, bonds, shares and… property! If you look at any list of the wealthiest people you will find that many of them made their money in property.

Property has performed better than any other investment in the last 40 years and offers an investment that is backed by a physical asset, making it safer than many other investment options.

One highly-attractive feature of property is that investor returns continue to grow as property values continue to grow – even in uncertain economic times property holds and even increases its value. There are very few investment options that can match the returns to be found in property.

At Perennial Estates, we have developed a proven investment methodology by thinking outside of the box but adhering to our investment principles of low-risk, high-return, easy-exit.

By combining the founders’ expertise in hospitality, marketing and property investment Perennial Estates have created an investment and business model that upgrades hotels and increases profitability by offering rooms as low-risk, high-return, fully-managed investments with built-in exit strategies.

If you are wanting to start a new, or grow an existing, property portfolio then Perennial Estates are the answer you have been looking for.

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